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Success After Ibogaine

Success rates after Ibogaine range from 50-75%.  Most relapses happen within the first 60 days of treatment. If you want to increase your chances of recovery after Ibogaine, we highly suggest going directly to an aftercare program after treatment.  Ibogaine treatment is remarkably effective at reducing withdrawals and cravings, however, if a person returns to a negative and unhealthy environment immediately after ibogaine treatment, the familiar stressors–like relationships and day-to-day routines–can push them back to addictive behaviors.

Ibogaine treatment is referred to as an “addiction interrupter” not an “addiction cure.” The good news is that following ibogaine detox treatment there is a “window of opportunity” to solidify positive behavior change. Research has not yet determined why people seem more open to change after ibogaine treatment. However, we’ve seen that the greatest chance of success comes when guests capitalize on this brief window of opportunity–which typically lasts between 3 weeks to 3 months.

Studies show the more time in the proper environment will help to turn newly learned insights, approaches, and coping mechanisms into permanent, healthy patterns of behavior. Ibogaine providers from around the world are all in agreement that proper integration, and a greater level of care and education after treatment, are what make Ibogaine treatment effective for the greatest amount of people. Our experience and research echo the sentiments of the rest of the community. We feel that aftercare needs to be made a priority.


The Holistic Hope House supports any and all positive aftercare programs. We pass no judgement and support any of the following programs; 12-Step Programs, NA/AA Meetings, Support Groups, Church, Private and/or Group Counseling, Sober Living Community, etc... Anything you choose to help reinforce a positive lifestyle is highly recommended in early recovery.

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