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Awaken Your Mind, Body & Soul

Welcome to The Holistic Hope House. We are a luxurious, medically based, private, holistic plant medicine program located in Rosarito, Mexico, 40 minutes south of the San Ysidro Border. 


HHH has developed a program that allows our patients to not only receive the best medical care in the industry, but to also receive the emotional support and assistance they need throughout their stay.

Holistic Hope House is a team of experienced and compassionate medical professionals and doctors who have over eight years of experience with Ibogaine treatment. Our protocol includes a perfect mesh of eastern and western medical practices to fully detoxify the body in preparation for plant based medical treatments. 


We offer second-to-none medical protocols in the treatment of:

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Drug Addiction

  • Alcoholism

  • Mental Illness

  • Depression & Anxiety 

  • PTSD 


​Holistic Hope House was founded by Eddie Cortese, who battled for years with severe addiction and depression issues. He feels that this plant medicine 100% saved his life. He found his purpose, to spread hope and help others evolve into a more enlightened state. Here at Holistic Hope House, we understand the difficulty of those struggling and the impact that it has on their families. Our aim is to provide those in need the opportunity to experience the safest, most effective treatments. Plant medicine can help you evolve into a more peaceful state of mind to live the life you truly deserve.


regain balance in your life

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