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Mental Health

Ibogaine and ayahuasca represent a shift away from traditional pharmacological approaches to mental health treatment. Their potential to catalyze transformative experiences and address deeply ingrained psychological issues has sparked interest in both medical and holistic communities. However, regulatory hurdles, safety concerns, and the need for further research are significant challenges that must be navigated correctly with the right facilitators. .According to research centers, psychologists and psychiatric specialists; mental disorders are psychological syndromes or patterns that can cause dysfunction an individual. Also, known as “Mental Illness” or “Mental Conditions” are caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Biologically speaking mental disorders can come from Genetics (heredity), Infections that can lead to brain damage, brain damage from injury, prenatal damage, substance abuse, poor nutrition and exposure to toxins. Psychologically can be attributed thanks to severe psychological trauma suffered as a child (emotional, physical, or sexual abuse), an important early loss, neglect, and poor ability to socially fit in.

Environmental stressors can trigger an illness in a person who is susceptible to mental illness, such as death or divorce, a dysfunctional family life, feelings of inadequacy, changing jobs or schools, social or cultural expectations (for example, a society that associates beauty with thinness can be a factor in the development of eating disorders.), and substance abuse by the person or the person's parents. A disorder that can lead or could be found as a symptom of all types of disorders is depression. Of all mental disorders, depression is the leading disorder usually treated with medical prescriptions.


Physical and mental conditions have been medically studied and proven to be directly co-related and in the circumstances of not being treated can lead to loss of all hope for living. It is a simple fact to know that when suffering of a mental condition, there is a high risk of developing a chronic physical condition as well as the other way around. At our alternative care center, we study each case individually and thanks to our clinical examinations, we are able to confirm or debunk any possible incorrect diagnose to better approach the situation. We have found to learn that there exists a large amount of patients who live their lives with a supposed illness and exist taking unnecessary medication that slowly degrades life expectancy such as hypertension and diabetes. It is nothing new to know that the body will have or lack the ability to defend itself from any illness depending on the tools it has at hand. Here we will provide your body with those tools and give it a break from the mistreatment from the environment and in most cases the neglect we impose on ourselves. By doing so, it will become easy to determine the causes and solutions to our illness. In conclusion, Ibogaine and Ayahuasca are undeniably changing the discourse around mental health treatment. While they offer new avenues for addressing challenging mental health issues, their integration into mainstream medical practices requires careful consideration, research, and collaboration between traditional wisdom and modern science. As ongoing research sheds light on their mechanisms and effects, the mental health landscape may evolve to incorporate these miraculous approaches, offering hope to those who have found little relief in traditional treatments.

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