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Conditions Treated

Ibogaine is a powerful aid in the treatment of various addictions. Used for addiction treatment, Ibogaine is a deeply psychological tool that aids in resetting the neurotransmitters of an addict’s brain and allows them to heal their addictions in a way no other treatment plan offers. Ibogaine offers a sixty percent success rate for patients to live addiction free and experience an entirely new way of life.


With Ibogaine treatment for addictions such as heroin, alcohol, methamphetamines, and more patients will confront the issues that led to these addictions in the first place and allow them to put them behind them for good. Ibogaine is also excellent for treating mental health issues such as depression, extreme cases of anxiety, and PTSD. With Ibogaine patients are offered a new lease on life and fresh eyes with which to see the world.

Call us today to get started and break free from the shackles of addition, 862-596-0004..

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